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How to Pack The Right Way For Your Next Holiday!

by Laura Mayer on Jun 22, 2014

Getting away has to be one of the most exciting times of the year. A pure adventure where one can become immersed in a new cultural fabric and explore parts of yourself you never knew existed! However its easy to focus on the new discoveries which lay ahead and look beyond the mundanity of packing a suitcase. This year things should be different so we have made a few notes of how to achieve the perfect capsule travel wardrobe! 

1. Embrace the day dream. Imagine the events that you want to take place and that special outfit you will discover it in. It may be that secret beach in New Zealand that only the locals know about or a truly special restaurant on the Rue Honore. Check out our stunning Biya wheat embroiederd blouse for chilled days in the sun or a pair of Santorini white crops for a city break. 

3. Think practically: If you are heading to the slopes imagine downed jackets, cashmere base layers and wool/silk combos. Naturally pack for warmth, however light enough to stay an independent woman that doesn't need a hand carrying her case.  This gorgeous wool and silk  Yarnz scarf below is great for wrapping up once the sun goes in. 


4. Never forget the basics. Underwear, Pjamas, swimwear, hats and gloves may not be the most exciting things to note down but essential that they are there in black and white. No one wants to wander around a foreign country looking for a simple t-shirt after hours of travelling. We have a great selection just in by Splendid like these stag white vest tops. 

5. Finally it sounds simple but stick to your list. Keep to your capsule wardrobe, any extras can be acquired whilst travelling and add something unique to your intrinsically western however practical holiday wardrobe.

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