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For the Love of Cashmere

by Laura Mayer on May 14, 2015


At Jessimara we have always love cashmere. The super warm and luxuriously soft touch can never go wrong in our books! This year we decided to create our own collection of cashmere cardigans and jumpers just because we can't get enough!



Cashmere the fiber comes from the hairs of the cashmere goat, an animal originally introduced to Westerners by the area of Asia known as Kashmir. When the British took control of Kashmir in the 1800s, they began exporting the fiber to Europe, creating intense demand which continues to this day. In addition to being beautiful, it is also infamous for being very expensive, due to the labor intense process used to create garments made from it.


The material is highly durable and will last for years if cared for properly. It should always be washed by hand in warm water with mild soap, and blotted gently with a towel before laying it out flat to dry. Individuals who own cashmere garments should appreciate the effort that goes into making them; it would take a single goat four years to produce enough wool for a sweater, and producing one also involves countless hours of labor to raise, feed, and care for the unique animal.


So here are just some of our brand new cashmere collection.




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