BANDOLIER (The iPhone accessory brand)

If you haven’t heard about the new iPhone accessory pouch then you are reading the right content. This article will provide you with all information you need about this iPhone accessory that is currently thrilling iPhone users around the world.

As you know so well if you’ve following our blogpost, we are committed to keeping you up to date on only the latest and the best products on the market. Our special favourite this week is the trending new cross-body phone case that is transforming user experience on a big scale.

Ever been in a situation where you have urgent need for your mobile phone but can’t seem to find it? Or is it the minutes or hours spent checking under every rock searching for your mobile phone? Some people are known to misplace their mobile phones for weeks only to find it at the bottom of their bag later on.

Our mobile phones are an important part of our lives in this digital age and without a doubt, the average mobile phone user would like to keep their phones in a safer place where it won’t fall out accidentally, get smashed, sat on or invaded so to say.

But what’s the solution?


Bandolier’s iPhone Crossbody Case is!

This accessory is virtually anything you want it to be. Maybe not anything, but it is indeed a game changer when it comes superbly convenient ways to move around with as little baggage as possible while having your precious mobile device within easy reach. So what’s special about the Bandolier iPhone case with strap?

Multi functionality

This accessory is not only classier than your regular silicone or plastic phone case, its tight fit will keep your phone in place with low possibility of accidental slips. It is also removable as well as adjustable to accommodate any height of body size.

Amazing right? Your phone is guaranteed to hang securely and within reach.

Exposed camera lens

The design of the case is such that you do not have to take out your iPhone every time you want to take a picture, especially those ‘perfect shots’ one could if you’re a second too late.

Snapback cover

Bandolier iPhone case with strap comes with a neat snapback cover for keeping IDs, cards and carry-on cash.


This iPhone accessory is indeed a life-saver and many shoppers have admitted this was the best accessory they had ever owned. Its leather strap won’t dig into your shoulder as it is durable but soft as well. Bandolier iPhone case strap comes in multiple sizes for iPhones and its available colours can be matched with our belts, shoes and other clothing accessories.

Many shoppers are still raving about the brilliant combination of sleekness and style in the Bandolier iPhone case strap. For some it has been a good conversation starter while they were on the go.   

The Bandolier case strap is in high demand, so hit the stores quick if you want yours!


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