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Coat vs Jacket

by Laura Mayer on Apr 09, 2018

Coat vs Jacket

You likely own both, but have you ever wondered what exactly is the difference between a coat vs jacket? Here's your answer:

If we go by the given definition, a coat is a long item of clothing worn for the purpose of getting additional warmth. However, its history is quite different. Rather, it was originally spelled as "cote" during the Middle Ages and was a chain mail because it was used to protect against a variety of weapon attacks. 

But by the 19th century it became an item of fashion and was worn by the majority of people. 

coat vs jacket

On the flip side, jacket comes from coats and began as undercoats. Although it is typically shorter than coats, it may reach the upper thigh. 

coat vs jacket

The reason the word coat and jacket are used interchangeably now-a-days is because modern days the distinction between overcoat and undercoat has been blurred.



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