Eileen Fisher

One thing you will find familiar with a lot of women; they are brand conscious. The style has a high impact on your personality. Premium clothing lifts your character in a very graceful way. Eileen Fisher is one of the most premium offerings you can find today. This brand is a blend of two unique perspectives. Minimalistic while still looking vibrant. Simple monochrome dyes on a premium piece of clothing, coupled with an exact and controlled mechanism of turning fine threads into glorious woman wear, is an art. Most of the manufacturing process is outsourced outside us, while only 20% inside. Wherever it is manufactured, It always complies with Social Accountability International's SA8000.

Eileen Fisher had a very non-conventional start. It all started back in 1984 when Eileen herself was having trouble getting dressing up. Eileen felt the urge to create a so easy yet rich brand. A brand where no one should have trouble getting the right piece of clothes. At that time, Eileen was working as a graphic and interior designer. The creativity was exceptional, which remains valid for the brand itself. The fortune of this enterprise might look huge, but it all started with 350$ as start-up money, and today it has wealth worth 210 Million dollars.
It is not just the designs that look incredibly distinctive and appealing, but other details require a look. Eileen Fisher took an incredible initiative in 2009 by buying back the used clothes. These used clothes follow the same standard procedures as the new ones. Processed, refined, and turned into something you wouldn't get a clue if Eileen Fisher didn't say it. It is just a side hustle by Eileen Fisher for an eco-friendly approach.

How Eileen Fisher sticks out from the rest?
Most of the design you will find on Eileen Fisher follows a unique yet minimalistic approach. Well suited for the women who want a discrete level of satisfaction by hiding vanity. Eileen Fisher knows well how to make things go right; it's a three-decade-old brand specializing in casual wear. You can expect impressive casual wear from a very aesthetically pleasing design coupled with vibrant colour. The variety is so vast that it is easily managed with any mood, weather and occasion. They make a range of premium wear, starting from silky tanks to felted jackets.

You still might be wondering. How does Eileen Fisher differentiate itself as a different offering in the premium sector? This milestone is achieved through indistinctive and seamless design from the most sustainable yet comfy material you would ever touch. Eileen Fisher uses 100% organic fibres. Cotton and linen fibres are tuned into fine threads woven fiercely to make fine threads that are then turned into a premium masterpiece. Dyes used in the manufacturing process are Blue sign Certified, which provides a very satisfying, rich, and vibrant feel, whether it's cashmere, wool, or kimono used in the process. It is always going to look iconic and stick out from the rest.

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