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Favourite Picks: Eye See You Pink Sweater

by Laura Mayer on Aug 19, 2019

eye see you pink sweater

When unpacking your seasonal items from their months in storage, your sweater pile may end up looking less like a shining beacon of autumn hope and more like box of limp, pilled, and worn-out knits 😕

Some you can fix with a fabric shaver and a whole lot of dedication, but the ones you can't salvage may be indication that it's time to find something new! 🎉

While we'll never disown a trusty chunky knit or simple black turtleneck, we're is serving up some fresh new sweater trends to cuddle up in! 💕 When you're happy it's summer but a little upset the AC is on blast: new light, but not too light, sweaters 😍

Tap into your third eye with our 'Eye See You Genisis Sweater'! It's the perfect light and airy pullover sweater  💋

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