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Favourite Picks: Velvet Tees Black Blouse

by Laura Mayer on Sep 06, 2019

black blouse

The black blouse may seem just too common and too popular to talk about. 😕 Yet, if you dive deeper, it is actually a very nice item that you can build some very good looking outfits around AND can make you look tall and lean! 🥳⁠

Sometimes, the simplest thing can be underrated! A black blouse is ideal to wear during work hours and cocktail parties, you just need to style it correctly! 🙌

Crafted from @velvettees signature cotton slub, which has a heathered texture and soft hand, this chic tee features an exaggerated puff at the shoulder, a cropped sleeve and a slight a-line to the body! 😍 The perfect feminine foil to your boyfriend denims! 💋

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