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Favourite Picks: White T Shirt Style

by Laura Mayer on Aug 24, 2019

white t shirt style

These days, when we really don’t know what to wear, our go-to is the simple t-shirt! 💛

💡 When you think about it, a wardrobe crisis is actually about identity, not clothes!  It is about using clothes as a metric for squaring who you are with what other people see!⁠

A wardrobe crisis isn’t really a fashion problem, so piling on the trends only confuses things further 😅 On days when the prospect of getting dressed feels problematic and fraught, a simple tee can bring you back to serenity 😉

Every girl needs a simple, flattering t-shirt! 😍 Our white tee is a stylish staple piece that you're sure to get a lot of use out of! 😍 Just pair it with your fave jeans and you'll be good to go! 😉💋⁠

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