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High by Claire Campbell

by Boost Commerce on Oct 13, 2020


High was started in 2007 by Claire Campbell due to an ardent wish to form high-quality clothes that are handy, stunning, and anticipated.
High offers diverse, original and wisely designed clothes with a remarkable style that is the outcome of an exact procedure. Each outfit is made by hand from designing a sketch to an entirely done model. All high collections are prepared and distributed in Italy because of its astonishing legacy and artisanal expertise.

Designed for self-determining, assertive, smart people, and high exemplifies a dreamy and extensive appealing look which is impeccable for the very innovative expert.

This approach also lies at the core of the high artistic, along with a faith that should be valuable, good quality, and finely designed and attractive, comfy, pleasurable, and exciting to wear. This drive to combine usefulness and class with beauty is exceptional in an industry often driven by uniqueness.

High-Quality Clothing Brand:

The brand includes two very different clothing types:

  • The highest fabrication values make High Collections with the most costly fabrics and sophisticated details. The garments are made in three measurements subsequent in a solid outline with a unique sculptural feature.
  • These creatively built pieces are made in extraordinary combinations of the premium quality natural things. Outfits are completed with embroidered borders, lace and layered edges, contrast edgings, and linings.

Made With Great Care and Quality Material:

High's garments are the outcome of comprehensive research into cutting edge fabric expertise and production, by fibres made in the laboratory and combining laser cutting heat decoration and extreme-sound seaming. High's pieces contain a combination of city and relaxation. Garments with distinct couture-level design are prepared from excellent performance and low maintenance materials.

An inclusive range of collections:
Every high collection is manufactured by an innovative group of designers, creators, machinists, artists, and crafts workers with professional know-how in an inclusive range of disciplines and products. High's collection spreads into subordinate kinds, each with its precise product range and method:

  • High blue collection:

Traditional fabrics and denim in each shade of blue. A collection made by the modern fabric handlings, washes, and creative finishes that develop through time and clothing.

  • High knit collection:

Natural tales are combined with innovative synthetics to form up-to-date knitwear in valiant forms with the advanced use of binding, stretch woven fabric, and jersey.

Useful Clothing Brand:
Attire encouraged by workwear and uniform where conventional expertise meets new skills. Real-world, Convenient, Usual, and Lively. These easily washable, easy to wear dresses are prepared with materials that have elasticity and blow with you, allowing you to move generously and securely. High's pieces have fantastic quality and are affordable for everyone.

Designed For Both Genders:
Clothes by high, deliberately designed to be entirely gender-free. Attractive pieces that excel traditional kinds of 'men' s-wear' and 'women' s-wear.' High holds the modernist certainty that design and expertise can modify life for the well. Wearing High's pieces makes you look elegant and modern.



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