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How To Wear A Brown Suede Jacket

by Laura Mayer on Mar 10, 2018

We love Spring for all of the colour it brings to our wardrobe! Not-to-mention, no longer having to wear those heavy winter coats. But you don't have to get rid of all of your jackets for this season. In fact, we think suede jackets are the perfect item to keep you warm on those windy Spring days. Here's our top tips for the classic question: how to wear a brown suede jacket? 

how to style a brown suede jacket

1. Why not go a little retro and opt for a fringe suede jacket?

2. Go for the professional, clean look with a crop top under a fitted suede jacket with a pair of high-waited pants.

How to wear a brown suede jacket 

3. In the mood for summer? Why not pair a suede jacket with a summery dress to make it work for Spring!

how to wear a brown suede jacket

4. Looking for an easy fix? Try the Parisian inspired look by matching a suede jacket with a striped shirt! 

5. Finally, you could try adding a bit of a brown suede jacket to your all-black outfit. It will look so smart!

how to wear a brown suede jacket

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