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How To Wear A Suede Jacket

by Laura Mayer on Jun 11, 2018

We love our suede here at Jessimara! Here's our 5 Top Tips on how to wear a suede jacket!

1. Is the weather a bit too chilly for a dress? Why not add a suede jacket and you will automatically be ready for the chilly weather AND look cute!

How to wear a suede jacket

2. Take your favourite graphic tee and add a suede jacket to make your look fun and different!

3. Feeling lazy? Why not wear a suede jacket over a pair of sweats? We know you'll rock the chill look.

4. Or dress up a simple dress with a bit of suede!

How to wear a suede jacket

5. Get out those mom jeans we all love and rock them with a suede jacket to pull the look together!



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