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Jewellery Spotlight: Evil Eye Necklace

by Laura Mayer on Sep 14, 2019

evil eye necklace

There are few symbols that transcend cultures and centuries quite like the evil eye 👁️ Thought to protect the wearer from envy and hateful glares, the first-known evil-eye amulet dates back to 3300 B.C., per BBC! Over 5000 years later, virtually every culture has a legend related to the evil eye!⁠

Lately, we have been seeing it everywhere! From bathmats to stunning jewellery pendants like this one, once you start noticing the evil eye, you can’t stop seeing it! 😂

Need a show-stopping necklace for an event you have coming up?! ✨ We have just what you've been looking for! 😘⠀⁠

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