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Jewellery Spotlight: Girl Diamond Figurine Necklace

by Laura Mayer on Aug 29, 2019

girl figurine necklace

Each decade has its signature “look.” The Victorian era favoured intricate, romantic designs, while people in the sixties and seventies loved plastic in all its weird, funky colours and shapes 😂

Today, understated, natural elegance seems to be the defining look for the 2010s 🎉 There are lots of tiny, pretty things on the market such as mini figurines like this one, bar bracelets with spider-silk-thin chains, and itty-bitty gemstone studs that are perfect for multiple piercings! ⁠

The best thing about this trend is how easy it is to keep things simple with one item, or layer for a bolder look! This trend is the purest form of minimalist jewellery, if you’re a stickler for the aesthetic!⁠

Just look at how it sparkles! ✨ Fall in love with the new figurine necklaces we have in!! 😍😍⠀⁠

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