Jewellery Spotlight: Layering Beaded Necklaces

diamond necklace layering

It's easy to get stuck in a rut with jewellery. 🙄 You wear your favourite pieces every day and over time they become a part of you, whether it's the ring your mum passed down or the necklace you treated yourself to after that promotion! ⁠

Placing them on your hands or around your neck becomes habit and, all of a sudden, it feels strange to be without them.⁠

The paradox, though, is that jewellery is one of the best ways to play with self-expression! 🎉 Just like a lipstick, a statement necklace can get you in the mood for an evening out, while a ring can make you feel as pulled together as a good manicure!⁠

Simply gorgeous!! Dress up any outfit with necklaces like these today! 😍😍⠀⁠⁠

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