Jewellery Spotlight: Layering Necklaces

layering necklaces

Statement jewellery can make all the difference in the finished product of your basic tee look! 😍 One of the biggest problems with basic T-shirts is that they often appear too boring to wear anywhere less casual than the grocery store 😕

However, sometimes all it takes is a statement necklace to make a basic tee wearable to a coffee shop date or lunch with friends! 🎉

Make sure that you take neckline into account when choosing statement jewellery to wear with your basic tee! ⁠

If the T-shirt has a low V-neck, try layering a long chunky pendant necklace over it! For scoop-necked tees, try a shorter, floral statement necklace that rests above your shirt’s neckline 💋⠀⁠

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