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Jewellery Spotlight: Snake Charm Necklace

by Laura Mayer on Sep 06, 2019

snake charm necklace

Did you know snakes represent transformation, knowledge, and wisdom?! 🐍

Jewellers have long been fascinated with snakes! Symbolising royalty and deity in ancient Egypt, the wearing of jewelled snakes dates back to that time, with of course the famous images of Cleopatra in her snake jewellery! ⁠

Queen Victoria’s own engagement ring from Prince Albert—which he designed—was a snake with an emerald (her birthstone) set in its head 💍 To her, it was an emblem of eternal love 💕

Because her taste was hugely influential on popular culture of the time, snakes suddenly appeared everywhere in jewellery: rings, bracelets, necklaces, engraved designs on lockets, and so forth, peaking between the 1840s and 1860s, and still hugely collectible today!⁠

Get a unique look with this beautiful snake charm necklace! 😍 Which of our animal charms is your fave? ⁠

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