Lofina Shoes - The Brand History


The married couple Liselotte and Morten Svenninggaard have the company, and it all initiated when they see each other at the age of 18. After completing education, they travelled to Italy where the charm for Italy and Italian class started. They came back to Denmark and opened Lofina in 1996.

Lofina is a Danish brand that designs and makes stunning handmade shoes in a variety of panaches that includes boots, sandals and flats. Entire of their shoes are prepare in Italy to the utmost quality standards, and their thinking is that shoes must be comfortable from the very start.
Combining Danish design with Italian creation, Lofina makes footwear that mixes style with luxury. Made from soft leather that does not need flouting in, Lofina’s shoes highlight any dress. It is the Lofina point of view that shoes should be accessible from the initial minute they worn, which is why Lofina sandals and Lofina boots made from the premium soft leather.

Creators of Lofina shoes focus on eternal and traditional design in addition to different and original. Luxury and quality are two of the keywords that label Lofina’s shoes. Each single Lofina shoe has its exclusive look. After the boots have stitched, they are all refined by hand as they do not like them to appear too glossy and novel. This process inspires the uniqueness of the shoes further.

Lofina makes excellent quality leather shoes and boots with substantial DNA. The collection for women delivers all from ¡ sneakers to foot sandals and winter boots in numerous colours. All their shoes, boots and sandals have the matchless Lofina appearance. They are relaxed and well-ordered to wear no matter what you pick their rubber sole or their high heel sandals.

Lofina Shoes Let You Express Yourself:
While emblems and branded outfits are not always a wrong object, it’s informal to overlook how much pictorial space they take to on your physique. Occasionally it’s challenging to present yourself as seen due to the plenty of branded attire. Mainly if you have got logos stuck in the mid of your chest, even definite high-end costume brands run into difficulties like this, and it diminishes from your capability to be evident from everyone who wears the careful identical thing. However, Lofina shoes offer you a lot more space to express yourself with unlike colours, fashions, and designs.

If you are the person who only has one or two pairs of shoes at a while, you may be losing out on some of the new exciting designs you can take. You may only “want” a pair of sneakers and a pair of work shoes. Still, there are hundreds of diverse designs that Lofina can offer you with different and fascinating ways to differ up your suits, besides giving you a better chance of putting together a marked style that seems decent on you.

Pride Sometimes Pays Off:
We’re all trained that money does not buy pleasure, but it at times buys things that you can be pleased of, and footwear is no unlike. There’s nothing incorrect with being satisfied with some fashionable shoes that complete your appearance, particularly if they’re from a genuinely significant brand like Lofina style that’s stylish at the instant. Some persons are just more interested in marking and status than others. And you may find that wearing high-quality Lofina brand styles might provide you with an increase to your self-assurance, particularly if you wear them to festivities or other social get-togethers.

Fashion Changes Every Day:
New styles and trends can pop up out of nowhere the instant they start to get prevalent among a vast group of persons, which typically fallouts in those items calling more consideration for stores and, in some cases, more costly. Being gaining of the arc can save you an astonishing quantity of money with minimal struggle. But the Lofina provides you with the item that is of high quality, stylish, and trendy. These shoes are worth buying and will not be out of fashion after some time. You can wear them to different parties and get-to gathers.

Incompatible Shoes Attract Attention:
First imitations are always significant, and attires make an enormous difference in how pleased, and friendly you might look, even if you don’t know it. You may find yourself falling towards attires that suit your current mood. But shoes frequently ignored, which can consequence in you getting the incorrect sort of consideration from persons you’re trying to talk to or evade. Even the utmost thoughtful person will be a little bit disordered if you outfitted in all black excepting for your lime-green sneakers, or you are wearing casual outfits with large hiking boots beneath.





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