Parajumpers as a fashion icon brand

Parajumpers has been a fashion icon primarily in northern Europe achieving milestones from 2005 since first founded. What makes it stand out from the rest of the competition is its superiority in terms of durability, fashion, and highly technical components. Parajumpers nails all fundamentals while ensuring a high-end product that has been the perfect companion for extreme conditions; that is why it is manufactured for both civilians and Parajumpers. According to Forbes, Parajumpers Heritage Is One Of The Strongest Differentiators Of The Brand Identity.

Parajumpers is a fashion brand of vast technical feasibility, making it trendy and challenging at the same time. Prajumpers has a unique history of its own. It was founded in 2005 on an accidental meeting between Massimo Rossetti its designer and a member of 210th Rescue Squadron, in a bar at Anchorage, in Alaska. 210th rescue squadron, also known as Parajumpers, are trained to deal with extreme situations. Regardless of whether it ships hapless adrift, rock-climbers stuck on a 4,000-meter pinnacle, or submariners sunk at incomprehensible profundities, these men are called to intercede. It could be a rescuing operation on the wildest of snowy mountains or dry Sahara. 210th rescue squadron performs its function all around the world, which is most commonly pass away unnoticed by civilians. Designer Massimo Rossetti was inspired by listening to a member of the 210th rescue squad that resulted in the manufacture of exceptional quality outwear for professional rescue squads as well as civilians to enjoy the same significant premium and resistant wraps around our clothing. Their motto fits rights saying:

Premium materials and manufacturing process
The reason for extreme durability, along with the comfortability it provides is the use of premium materials. Parajumpers primarily use hard-wearing nylon, and it is a highly tensile fabric meaning it will last a decade with ultimate satisfaction that it is not going to wear out anytime soon. The fabrics are sourced from the east side where the best fabrics of the world are woven primarily in China, Japan, and Korea. Part of the materials needed for Parajumpers come from Italy, the fashion capital of the world. The luxurious materials on top of art and culture have their blend.

Materials used in the manufacturing process and manufacturing process itself are thoroughly tested and complied with as per R.E.A.C.H. regulation, which is a European organization for compliance with environmental laws of chemicals used in the textile process. All of these compliances make sure no harmful material is being used in manufacturing premium outwear. Parajumpers is well known not only for its excellent resistance to wear and tear but also the level of comfort it provides, which is astonishing. It offers military-grade durability along with the luxury of a premium product. Parajumpers use down-filled linings rather than down insulations. The difference is quite noticeable as down-filled lings can be removed, which makes it comfortable for wearing in mild cold, increasing its feasibility. On the other side, down insulations are thick insulations from feathers of duck and geese, which makes it warm and uncomfortable to wear in mild conditions. This excellence is achieved through intelligently designing Parajumpers parkas and coats crafting linings rather than completely insulating them.

Another department where it nails fundamentals is the use of best-in-class Finn raccoon fur which is sourced from Finland, ensuring and are compliant with the highest E.U. regulations. Different types of fur are employed by various companies a number of them meeting rock bottom E.U. standards. At the same time, Parajumpers is a trustworthy brand that takes into consideration all of the regulations in every department of its manufacturing process. Aside from Finn Racoon fur, Coyote, rabbit, and sheep fur are also sourced and better utilized than getting into landfills or incineration, resulting in many sorts of pollution. These are by-products of the meat industry, which is engineered and crafted into something extra-ordinary and high-value material.

Tanning Process
Fur used in manufacturing processes of Parajumpers are adequately tanned, and special care is taken into account to assure environmental and human safety on top of any other thing. The fur is tanned responsibly without the use of harmful materials like cetacean oils or whale or any other hazardous materials used in chrome tanning. Heavy materials are avoided in the process that ultimately ends up in diseases like cancer. All safety regulations are met that guarantee a safe and secure tanning process.

Aside from treated Animal fur, synthetic materials are also used in this process to comply with customer demands and maximum satisfaction from its product. All materials used are of the same premium gradient from best in class sources.

Designing process
The design process is carried out in Italy, crafting luxury, art, gastronomy, and culture, taking into account the high weight to tensile strength ratio. Designing part is done by professionals who are then carried forward to East, specifically India and Europe, where these are manufactured under strict compliance of ethical and environmental treatments. The design language is pretty unique too, which shows how precise it is designed mainly hidden zips inside stand collar, laser-cut perforations. Detail hood with very premium materials to be verily used as a modernized and combat-style outfit. Overall, the aesthetics of outerwear out of a respected name from the Italian market, Parajumper indeed keeps up its reputation. Rossetti and his collaborations deliver masterpiece crafting functionality with durability. The formation of incredibly inventive outerwear assortments with exceptionally innovative parts, made with enthusiasm to upskill your life.


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