The Trilby Hat

Let's initiate by warming ourselves up: we must pronounce triLBy [trilbi] correctly and not "tribly" or "triby". It's one of the best trendy hats of these most recent years. In an era when numerous are persons who dare not adding a hat to their everyday clothing, the Trilby is still riding extraordinarily!

The Trilby hat is an attractive choice for those who are not used to hats. Its round lines, its small size, and its modern shape make it an inconspicuous and stylish hat for the time being. In the first purchasing aim, the Trilby is then a superb choice for all.

Trilby hats are parallel to fedoras but have a sharper crown and a smaller ridge sloping upwards at the back. Once a sign of the English upper class, these days it's one of the most famous hats with television stars and designers. Initially, the material for trilby hats was rabbit hair touch; nowadays, they are finished from tweed, wool as well as straw and nylon mixtures. They look decent with cotton suits and driving shoes, but the Trilby can be a match for a t-shirt and slim-fitted shorts.

The trilby hat form is very close to one of its cousins, the Fedora. It is considered by a short edge of 5 cm or less. Lastly, its crown is slightly hollowed, making the form of a teardrop.

Why would you select the trilby hat? The trilby insurances but dresses you in a wink of an eye! It's lowered blind structures your appearance and carries to the outline an understated note of brashness and modernism.

The stylishness and abstinence of the Trilby give you the sureness of best days!

Many responses can be planned here! At first, the Trilby is suitable for men and women, and even for children. Furthermore, it can be pooled with business attire -- for example with a black suit, just like a gangster. On the conflicting, it will also bout with a casual dress, or even significantly lessen complementary the look.

Wearing a hat is not essentially a substance of routine, and it can be added to that the terror of perturbing too much! But the small brims of the Trilby and its more subtle shape make it a small-dimensioned and less attractive model.

In its panache, the Trilby is a rock, moderate and graceful hat, at the same time. It improves the outline and be worn slightly sloping on the back of the head or an adjacent, for an extra relax the style.

We consider that Trilby is the faultless compromise between the relaxed style of a hat. Consequently, it flawlessly fits a casual look (jeans, shirt, t-shirt) or a more formal outfit.

The Trilby: when to wear it?

On a walk or during a picnic or at work, you can elect for the everlasting well-designed trilby hat. For a creative or pretty dandy style: we recommend you to wear it conventional or pinched.

Be self-assured and adapt it rendering to your rebellious or classic personality!

The Trilby: an all-season hat!

The Trilby is a hat of all times and all tendencies. Flexible, sophisticated, and distinct, it's a convenient choice to wear with all clothes. And whatsoever the weather! Thanks to its altered materials (linen, straw, felt) and its numerous designs, it follows your attitude conferring to the season. In summer, below the sun, and with UV protection.

The Trilby: our morpho tips

We recommend you to complement the length of the hat ridge with the shape of your face. For example, we endorse the Trilby for those who have a thin, heart-shaped, oval, and square, round face. For larger faces, it's ideal if you choose a trilby with rather a long brim or turn yourself, towards the more classic Fedora.

Keep in mind that the Trilby will relax your traits, dislocate the round shape of your face, or improve your charm.

Plus, it is a hat which will continuously bring its fashionable and reliable touch to your clothing, and under any weather.

The Trilby hat is a ubiquitous hat, above all among the showbiz. Sign of class and alteration, the music has been detained by a desire for this model.

"The showbiz star"

The trilby win agreed with provision from many pop musicians, jazz artists, and even TV stars. Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, and even Rihanna have all been seduced by its uniqueness.

The Blues Brothers' reference

The Trilby hat is also one of the inevitable rudiments of the outfit of the Blues Brothers. That mythic blues band that was shaped in the 70s, in the USA. The dark Trilby was then the component that signified the perfect final touch of their faultless look.

For celebrities, each of them with a distinct face shape, the Trilby interrupted and redirected a style, with luxury. It pushed to the supreme the enhancement of their class. It also caused the nimbleness of their clothing to look to beam with quietness and easiness.

The Trilby: inevitable for more than a century now!

Since its formation, the trilby "voyaged through time" dazzlingly. It was in 1895, on the theatre, when it seems for the first time, at the version of the eponymous novel of George Maurier: "Trilby". Its name refers to one of a young female worker, Trilby, one of the main characters.

At that time, the play won countless achievements. And the mainly created headgear for the new hero got adopted by the audience and universally named Trilby.

The model quickly knew to seduce and to pass the time, without never different from its line. Since then, the trilby hat makes the lovely days of the fashion world. It is an inevitable model within the headgear world! Its stylishness, its attraction, and its numerous uses still participate in its aura and appeal.

The Trilby in a word: indispensable for any look!

The trilby hat is one of the supreme "dilettante" to attend your outings and your activities of any type. A trendy accessory with an extensive range of materials, the trilby model, never fails, be it in winter or summer.

The Trilby is endowed with vintage and modern notes at the same time. Widely democratized amidst men and women, it has seduced all those wearing hats. It is appropriate for everyone! Young or not young people!

The trilby hat is an indispensable headdress but also a sublime gift idea to all those beloved ones.

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