What Are Rain Jackets Made Of

With the Spring season finally here, we are in the mood for raincoats! But have you ever wondered what are rain jackets made of? Here's your answer:

All of your raincoats are made from fabric that is designed to repel water. of fabric that is specially treated to repel water, thanks to Charles Macintosh in 1836. The man invented a method for combining rubber and fabric. This method was used for the first versions of the raincoats we know today.

Today, however, there are a variety of different kinds of raincoats and they are all made from different kinds of fabrics. For example, all-weather raincoats have a lining that you can remove to wear in any kind of weather. Whereas, fold ups are typically made of vinyl. And trenchcoats are often made from lightweight cotton/polyester fabric. The key to the fabric is making certain it is tightly woven.


what are rain jackets made of

The fabric of many raincoats is made of a blend of cotton, wool, nylon or other artificial fabrics and they are usually given a coating of resin to make them waterproof.




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